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Understanding Today’s Dental Implants

JUN 01

-The Benefits of Dental Implants-

Most denture wearers are going to be quick to inform you that dentures are not perfect, though dentures can provide an important improvement to daily mouth function. Even following the learning curve, it may continue to be hard to talk comfortably with dentures or to consume specific foods. However, there is hope for improved denture functionality, and they are called dental implants. When replacing a single lost tooth, a Valencia dental implant is a permanent alternative solution that rests on a tiny titanium post, fitted to the jawbone, designed to function as the tooth root. A life-like dental crown is subsequently connected to the post to get a natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth replacement.

How The Process Works


To a fully edentulous patient with dentures, a specialized “locator attachment” is used rather than a crown. The attachment may be used to anchor the denture to the implant, creating an easy-to-wear denture solution. When implants serve as anchors, dentures function more naturally. For denture wearers, the most typical scenario is to put two to four implants to the mandible (lower jaw). Dentures then snap onto the locator accessories to provide patients with more steady chewing and talking abilities. Unlike the top dentures, which depend on suction from the palate to maintain their place, the lower dentures only depend on the lips, tongue, and cheeks to maintain their position, which may make them less secure.

Needless to say, implants can be utilized on the top denture for increased firmness, though it is somewhat less common. The existence of ample bone is an essential element of correctly operating dentures. The less bone that's present, the more likely dentures are to fall. Since the bone wants stimulation to keep its density, the bone below lost teeth will slowly deteriorate. Regrettably, this is a catch 22 for long time denture wearers because while they want bone to hold dentures in place, that foundation is slowly deteriorating beneath their dentures.

This is an issue which can be rectified with dental implants in Valencia.

The attachment of the dental implant may serve as the mandatory stimulation a bone needs to stay healthy and powerful. For patients with dentures as well as just a couple of implants, the bone surrounding the implants will be preserved due to the stimulation.

Here's what to anticipate from your dental implant procedure in Valencia, CA:

First appointment: Consultation, x-rays, assessment of remaining bone, scheduling the operation.

Second appointment: Positioning of implants, then let 3 to 6 months for implants to heal and attach to the bone.

Third appointment: Impressions made for the attachments, which enable the implant to be snapped onto the dentures.

Fourth appointment: Deliver the attachments and integrate implants into the denture.

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Which Tooth Is A Dental Implant?

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While dentures may never be a complete substitution for a mouthful of healthy teeth, the inclusion of dental implants could make them feel much more natural and practical. They offer denture-wearers much more self-confidence and independence from awkward scenarios. Call and schedule your free consultation with our Valencia dentist today!

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